creating a table of referneces in Word 97

Subject: creating a table of referneces in Word 97
From: Matt Craver <MCraver -at- OPENSOLUTIONS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:11:01 -0400

I am creating a manual in Word 97 that serves two purposes: it
is a reference work for administrators using our custom software and it
should describe the operations of this system. There are certain
procedures scattered through expository text. To facilitate finding the
procedural information, I have placed it in tables that at formatted
with a bold white-on-grey title. This makes them stand out quite
nicely, so that some-one looking at the page instantly has their
attention drawn to the procedure, and can read the surrounding
expository material if they find it useful. What I would like to add
to this set-up is a listing at the front of the manual "How Do I....?"
and then list the titles for each procedural section and the page it
starts on. I already have a ToC, so I can't use that function. Is
there any way with fields or bookmarks to create such an animal?
-Matthew Craver,
Technical Documentation
Open Solutions Inc.
Mcraver -at- opensolutions -dot- com

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