Forget FTP and e-mail attachments for PCs

Subject: Forget FTP and e-mail attachments for PCs
From: "Jay J. Mahler" <jay -at- MAHLER -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:59:09 -0400

I just thought I'd let everyone know about a new program, DropChute+, that
works great for file transfer between PCs. You never have to worry about
files making it through correctly as an e-mail attachment, and you don't
have to coordinate ftp file transfers. You don't even have to pre-Zip files
because the program efficiently compresses files on-the-fly.

With DropChute+ you can send and receive any number of files to others via
the Internet, corporate intranets, or direct modem-to-modem connections. The
program supports security features that include encryption and automatic
virus scanning of incoming files.

You can attach notes to files that you want to send, and chat on-line while
file transfers are in progress. If the other person is "waiting for calls,"
you can send or pick up queued files while his/her computer is unattended.
The program also has a great new feature called Internet Rendezvous that
lets one computer call another's modem, then both disconnect and call their
respective Internet service providers to transfer files over the Internet
(saving long distance telephone charges).

I think this program is worth a try. You can download a free, full-featured
trial copy of DropChute+ at As an owner of
DropChute+, you can give away an unlimited number of a restricted version of
the program, called DropChute. I've given DropChute to all my clients and
PC-based suppliers. Many have been so impressed that they've upgraded to

Hilgraeve is the vendor of DropChute+. Many of you are probably familiar
with HyperTerminal (that comes with Windows 95 and NT). Hilgraeve wrote that
software and also sells HyperACCESS - a terminal emulation program I've been
using for years.

Now, all we have to do is convince Hilgraeve to provide a Mac version. If
enough writers and designers request it, I'm sure they'll do it. In my
correspondence with Hilgraeve, they've said that they're considering it.

Jay Mahler

Mahler and Associates
3001 Plymouth Rd., Suite 103
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Phone: (734) 665-0014
Fax: (734) 665-0122

jay -at- mahler -dot- com

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