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Subject: Re: The Lessons of ValuJet 592 -Reply
From: Lisa Comeau <COMEAUL -at- CSA -dot- CA>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 15:45:19 -0400

>>> Dick Gaskill <dickg -at- AG3D -dot- COM> 05/29/98 03:28pm >>>
I seriously doubt that a "trained computer professional" would be stupid enough to leave a "unit" of any kind turned on while servicing it, especially when removing or replacing a board, no matter what kind of documentation was provided with the unit. <SNIP>

FYI, Dick, you don't have to leave the unit on to be electrocuted by it. It's really rare, (but one of my colleagues has the shrapnel scars to prove it and I have seen it with my own eyes) that a motherboard can hold a charge (even after having been powered off for 2 days) that can blow the end off of a screwdriver and send the bits flying into your "trained" self. :-)

(So who should have been sued for this, the motherboard manufacturers or the screwdriver makers? Neither? Both?)
Why wasn't there a warning that said
"Hey, this motherboard, if faulty, can zap your sorry butt"
or one on the screwdriver that said
"Psst! You know, you might electrocute yourself if you accidentally touch a faulty motherboard with the end of this thing"

Here I am, linking threads again, but they go together soooo well! ;-)

Lisa Comeau
(Trained computer professional who has been known to forget that turning the power bar off is NOT enough who now teaches other people how to use software because it's safer)
IS Super-User/Trainer
Canadian Standards Association
comeaul -at- csa -dot- ca

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