Re: Question: 1099 status and agencies

Subject: Re: Question: 1099 status and agencies
From: Andrew Plato <aplato -at- EASYSTREET -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 09:49:04 -0700

Most agencies I run into will not 1099 because it is A) more money out of their
pocket B) Gives you a sense of more independence C) Their clients flatly will
not allow them to 1099.

1099 is dangerous because of the creeps and idiots who do not understand how
contracting works. These creeps take 1099 jobs (because they want the money)
but have no idea that they have to pay taxes. Actually, they know damn well
they need to pay taxes, they are just greedy and stupid.

Just recently a guy I know made $120,000 last year and paid NOTHING to the feds.
Well, guess what? On April 15th, he owed Uncle Sam $30,000. Uncle Sam was not
pleased with this guy. Likewise, all of his clients got bugged by the feds over
this. Needless to say, this individual's independent contracting days are over.

1099 is dying out. Most agencies simply will not 1099 people because it is too
much of a risk for them. The demise of 1099-ing is also due to the idiots who
think they are employees when they contract. These people who sued Intel,
Microsoft and others have ruined the independent contracting world for most of
us because they were greedy and stupid. They were working on-site and closely
with other staff and one day decided "Hey. I'm an employee. I deserve benefits
and everything else. I think I'll sue because it's the American way to get what
you don't deserve."

I would like to find those people and whack them with a dead squirrel. They are
probably all sitting at home jamming Cheetoes in their faces and trying to find
someone else to sue. There is nothing worse in the world then selfish morons
with lawyers. They are a dangerous, toxic breed of humans.

I run a small consulting company and my ability to contract with some companies
is routinely upset because these companies are fearful of lawsuits from morons
with lawyers.

I have one loud piece of advice for anyone considering entering the contacting
world: contracting is a very uncertain world. If you cannot deal with the fact
that a company can terminate a contractor without one solitary ounce of
"evidence" to support that termination, then get a full time job. If you cannot
deal with the responsibility of paying taxes correctly, then don't become an
independent contractor. If you cannot deal with the uncertainty of contracting
DON'T DO IT. Get a nice, cozy full-timers job for $30,000 a year.

As always, trees are a great place to take out your frustrations -- not me.
Andrew Plato
Owner/Principal Consultant
Anitian Technology Services

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