SUMMARY: SR/ED Rpts & Cdn TW Courses (long-ish)

Subject: SUMMARY: SR/ED Rpts & Cdn TW Courses (long-ish)
From: Judy Fraser <jfraser -at- GLINX -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 07:55:51 -0300

A while back I asked about SR and ED Reports. Well, I'm still not real sure what they are. Here are a couple suggestions and comments that were made though:
- possibly Software Requirements and End-User Documentation (?)
- Scientific Research and Educational Development (?)
- The ad sounds like it's for a Recruiter
- Ads like that make me leery to apply; I'd rather know something about a company so I can do some research before talking to them.

I also asked for info on Tech Writing courses in Canada for a colleague interested in pursuing a TW career. Here are the responses:

Mount Royal College in Calgary
offers a Bachelor of Applied Communications degree with a specialization in technical writing. For more
info, see

>> George Brown College in Toronto:
George Brown College offer Certificates in TW.
I can personally attest to the GBC program. Most of the courses are taught by seasoned STCers. I completed the program several years ago, and keep going back for other courses as they become available (the Online Doc course was recently revamped to include HTML and HTML Help). At least one of the courses (Tech. Writing I) is offered via internet.

>> Humber College in Toronto:
Humber College offer Certificates in TW.
They have a great website, and as far as I know they have correspondence courses. Great program, too.
Subject Area: Writing
Technical Writing Certificate
* Program 0838
(Formerly Technical Manual Writing Program )
The Technical Writing Certificate has been designed into a modular format to give students added flexibility in choosing subjects that suit their information needs and schedules. This new certificate program covers the basics of designing and organizing manuals, grammar fundamentals, procedure and reference writing exercises, indexing, project management tips for both single writer and multi writer projects, training and presentation tips, etc.
Please see the individual course listings for pre-requisite information. For more information on any of the courses, call Genevieve Gordon at (416) 675-6622, ext. 4139 or send e-mail to ggordon -at- admin -dot- humberc -dot- on -dot- ca -dot-

>> Concordia University in Montreal:
Certificate in Technical Communication, in Montreal. This Certificate program is offered as part of Continuing Education. In addition to various courses offered such as Graphic Design, Programming, Desktop Publishing, etc., the core courses are Basic Editing, Technical Writing (levels I and II), Technical Editing, and Advanced Tools in Tech. Communication (a sort of melting pot of several non-writing topics such as ISO 9000, SGML-HTML, Usability, Online Help, Internet-Web, etc.) that would interest technical writers.
Offers Technical Writing II, Technical Editing, and Advanced Tools for the past 3 years. To my knowledge, this Concordia Certificate program is the only complete program in technical communication in Quebec. The one at the Université of Sherbrooke is called Professional Writing, and I heard that it contains only one or two technical writing courses.

>> University of Toronto:
University of Toronto is planning an Advanced TW Certificate program, to pick up where the others leave off (beyond the basics).

>> University of Waterloo:
Waterloo seems to be in a league of its own (in Canada at least). This coop program can give you a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Communication. It enjoys an excellent reputation in Ontario and Quebec. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Waterloo to interview students, and subsequently hired a couple of coop students from that program. It was a terrific experience and I was most satisfied with the coops. If you're fast enough to get first pick at the students, you will not be disappointed. Those students are topnotch.
The program is called Rhetoric and Professional Writing, and it's a coop program.

>> Algonquin College, Ottawa:
has a degree program

>> University in Alberta (Calgary?)
has a degree program
[this would be either the University of Calgary or the University of Alberta in Edmonton]

>> Simon Fraser University:
has a certificate program

>> Print Futures, Douglas College:
has a certificate program

>> College of the Rockies (?)
starting up a distance learning program, but don't know if they'd done so yet.

>> Web Sites to check out:
An excellent article about getting into TW can be found at

Online Courses:
Utah State university has a solid distance learning program:
Mercer university in Atlanta...
Texas Tech

Helpful WebSite

Thanks again to everyone who responded. I appreciate your input.

Judy Fraser, B.Sc.
Technical Communications Specialist
PO Box 58, Centreville
Nova Scotia B0P 1J0

Email: jfraser -at- glinx -dot- com
Web Site:

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