Re: Important News for Writers (long)

Subject: Re: Important News for Writers (long)
From: Tammy Dysert <Tammy_Dysert -at- THEMONEYSTORE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 14:31:20 -0700

I don't know any company names. I have never worked as an independent, I
just know how companies deal with them because I've been involved in
contract negotations with the independents.

If you want to look on the positive side of this, many companies have been
requiring contract programmers to have this insurance for years...maybe
they're starting to think of us as professionals!
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Linda Castellani <linda -at- gric -dot- com>
07/07/98 12:20 PM

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Subject: Re: Important News for Writers (long)

Have you ever tried to get this insurance? If so, what company provided
At 02:11 PM 7/7/98 -0700, Tammy Dysert wrote:
>Hate to say it, but the best way to protect yourself against this rule is
>to get insurance. Most companies won't even work with independents unless
>they are insured for errors and omissions...
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>07/07/98 02:02 PM
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>Subject: Re: Important News for Writers (long)
>In a message dated 98-07-07 16:34:25 EDT, mhunterk -at- BNA -dot- COM writes:
><< For technical writers in particular, this
> Article 2B would make *us* responsible for the accuracy and content of
> work--not our clients. In short, a client could give us lousy copy and no
> help and expect us to create a masterpiece. If we don't, they could take
> action, like withhold payment. >>
>I heard something to this effect among a group of tech writers a couple of
>months ago. The worry then was that, in addition to withholding payment,
>company might choose to sue the "offending" writer for the cost of
>Then there's always the possibility of an error in an equipment manual
>would lead to physical injury or damaged's that for giving
>paranoid nightmares?
>This just means to me that I will not only document every time I cannot
>the appropriate information from the SME or everytime the reviewers fail
>answer questions or address issues I have queried, I will hang onto that
>material until hell freezes over. \;+))) I would, however, think that few
>companies would resort to these tactics, simply because there are too many
>steps in the process over which the tech writer has no control.
>One hopes,
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