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Subject: Re: Article in Info World
From: Ann Mackenzie <TekDocWis -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 10:19:09 EDT

OK, Colleen & Marcy, I did it! As Arlen pointed out, the author, in her
message that strong writing skills help lead to success, only neglected to
mention that clear writing is so important that writing specialists exist .
However, I saw this as an opportunity to plug our profession, and took the
time to do it. Following is the text of my correspondence.

To the Editor:

Re: Enterprise Careers
July 6, 1998 (Vol. 20, Issue 27)

"Strong writing skills essential for success, even in IT" By Paula Jacobs

Strong writing skills are so important to a company's communication with its
customers, that people who specialize in clear communication, called
"technical writers" are often hired. In fact, if you have problems
understanding how to program your VCR, or in setting up your new shop tool, or
in operating your new software package, the documentation was probably written
by a technical expert who long ago forgot how complex the product can be for
the ordinary person.

As author Paula Jacobs says, "Writing ability is especially important in
customer communication." Technical writers provide the translation from highly
skilled technical knowledge to clear, organized documentation for the users of
a company's products, especially in IT. Good documentation cuts the cost of
calls to customer service, keeps customers happy and returning for advanced or
additional products, and enhances a company's reputation.

Ann Mackenzie TekDocWis -at- aol -dot- com
TekDoc - Technical Documentation, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI, USA
Specializing in software, engineering, and policies & procedures

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