Re: The Job Market: What's the Real Story?

Subject: Re: The Job Market: What's the Real Story?
From: Matt Danda <mdanda2 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 06:58:24 -0700

Maurice King wrote:

>How many times have you seen a variation on the text of this letter in
response to submitting a resume for a job?

I think if you refer to some of the industry-standard books on "How to
Land the Dream Job" you'll see that this phenomenon is pretty standard.

>if being a consultant means being exploited any worse than the case
of a salaried employee, I have reason to worry.

I question your definition of "exploitation." This is not factory work
in the third world--this is a white-collar profession. As such, you
NEED to have negotiation skills, self-management skills, and grace
under adversity. Don't talk about "exploitation" unless your story is
enough to create a legitimate legal case.

Contracting is tough! Who told you it wasn't?

>I'd like some of your experiences, just to compare notes.

Everyone has bad days. My current contract is completely different
than what the recruiter sold me on. Sure, its a bummer, but I am able
to adapt and keep employed.

In fact, I used that recruiter error as a key point in my
renegotiations for a better rate. And I got a raise out of it! So much
for being "exploited."

Happy Friday,

Matthew Danda
Technical Writer in Software Development
Orlando, Florida

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