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Subject: Re: Titles
From: Justine Arnot <puss_in_space -at- YAHOO -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 22:04:02 -0700

---Bill Swallow wrote:
> First, let's not start this thread up again only to have it evolve
into =
> a bunch of whining and venting. =20

I didn't see the original post, but ...

> My "title", as you see, is "Team Leader". Smile if you are a
Dilbert =
> fan ;-). I specialize in online Help and HTML design - focusing in =
> organization of information and usability, though I also manage
style =
> and development. =20
Well I do process mapping, and document procedures at different
levels, wrest information from Marketing and reorganise it for Customer
Service, and have the freedom to get active in the shaping and review
of procedures, and so get to call myself a Business Process Coordinator.
Most of what I do is documentation, but because of the youth of the
company I work for and the volatile nature of the newly deregulated
telco industry in Australia, I am often in a good position to see where
changes need to be made.

If I hang around in this company, I'd be renamed a Business Analyst at
some point.

I'm not really a tech writer, but that's because I've been able to
expand a documentation role into other things. I don't know how fixed
it is in other companies - I think the things I do flow really
together - I 'd be frustrated documenting processes without the power
to act when I see that they are not the best way to do things :)


PS ... I love writing, I think it's great to get paid for something
you love.
.ooo0 ( )
( ) ) /
\ ( (_/

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