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Subject: Re: Concurrent writing & editing
From: Bernie McCann <BernieMc -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:09:11 EDT


In a message dated 98-07-28 11:45:18 EDT, you write:

.... snip, snip .... I edit proposals and am finding that,
more and more, subject matter experts (the authors) want to continue
working in the document (on a shared file server) until just before it goes
to Repro. I feel we have to find a way to accommodate their needs and
still maintain control over the document. We are using MS Word Office 98
and have considered having them work with revisions turned on, but haven't
worked out the logistics. Any ideas out there?


The publication of proposals, as with the whole proposal process, is never
complete (period) ;-)

Sure, it is possible to bring the production to a decent end, but I'm certain
that many of us know the experience of scanning the text in the taxi (prior to
delivery) and noticing a "huge" typo. I suppose that it will ever be thus.
Often, the cause is the process that you have described and, IMHO, the
revision mode, available in MS Word, can be a very useful tool (used wisely,
ie you don't permit endless revisions by all concerned). Try it out in the
production of a regular document, ie you don't want to use a proposal as an

Proposal logistics problems, if any, may be overcome with extra staff, which
should not be a problem to any company seriously interested in winning a bid.
Management skills will be tested to the limit.

Good luck.


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