Re: Using Screen Shots Effectively

Subject: Re: Using Screen Shots Effectively
From: Linda Castellani <linda -at- GRIC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 14:03:57 -0700

>On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Nurre, Vickie wrote:
>> I'm using Word 97 in a Windows NT environment and use Paint to work with
>> screen shots. I'm not happy with Paint - I think it is limited. What
>> other software (inexpensive) can be used for screen shots when you are
>> using Word? I want more control in sizing and cropping. Also, is there a
>> way to just capture an icon? Thanks, Vickie, vnurre -at- aegonusa -dot- com

Someone on this very list recommended a product called HyperSnap, and I owe
a big debt of gratitude to whoever that was.

I found out about it on the very day that my company finally bought me the
copy of Paint Shop Pro I'd been asking for, and I prefer it to Paint Shop
Pro for the following reasons:

1. It can be launched with keystrokes, even when it's not visible on the
screen. (In other words, I can launch it when looking at what I want to
capture, I don't have to go there and Start Capture first.)

2. Once I've captured a screenshot and indicated its size, all subsequent
screen shots are that size until I tell it differently.

3. Once I've indicated that a screen shot should be at a particular color
resolution, all subsequent shots are set to that resolution, until I
specify differently.

The only negatives: is that it has a function to capture a window beyond
what is visible by automatically scrolling the window downward, but it
doesn't work for me. The developer is *very* responsive to feedback, but
got defensive when we couldn't get this particular function to work. Also,
the color resolution menu selection didn't show up on a later build, and
when I pointed it out, he said I was wrong. However, I had to go back two
builds before I found a version that had it on the menu.

The biggest positive? It only costs $25.

Downloadable with a fully-functional trial version at:

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