Re: Frame vs. Word Results

Subject: Re: Frame vs. Word Results
From: Bruce Ashley <bashley -at- CREATEPRINT -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 10:00:27 +1000


I spent 5-6 years with Word and like you, had all the work-arounds down
pat. I'm now using Frame 5.5 and after 5 months of it, which included an
advanced Frame course at the start, I find Frame so much easier to use in
many areas.

It isn't as pretty and I'm not as skilled in the many areas yet, but for
sheer grunt, it kills Word. I miss the graphics and the macros but am
learning work arounds that suffice.

Give Frame some time. I used to sing (and still do) the praises of Word
whilst bagging Frame (because I didn't know it well enough).

But then. I bagged Word Perfect 5.1 whilst sing the praises of Multimate. I
bagged Word whilst singing the praises of WP 5.1.

In short... I have bagged every new document control / word processing
package in favour of the one I was using at the time.

And each time I was wrong. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.
The skill is in finding which has what. I still use Word 97 for many things
but for documents I now ONLY use Frame.


Bruce Ashley


Now, I find myself in a new position with a new company and as a
consequence am
a Frame 5.5 user and I find myself muttering out loud "Is this what
raving about???" I'm so disappointed with Frame after all the hype I've
read on
this list over the last several years. I really miss all the customizations
features that word allows. I'd drop Frame in a minute if the choice were
As far as I can figure out, there isn't anything Frame can do that I can't
just as well in Word and there are an awful lot of things that Word allows
to do that Frame apparently hasn't even thought of. Now, I'm not by any
a Microsoft apologist, but in this case, I say I'd much rather use Word.

Mike Starr
Senior Technical Writer
PLATINUM technology, inc.

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