Word conditionalizing (was a Frame/Word debate)

Subject: Word conditionalizing (was a Frame/Word debate)
From: Scott Miller <smiller -at- PORTAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 08:58:49 -0700

I've heard of this method, but never tried it. Some questions:

1. Does it affect formatting at all? That is, can you apply the same
character format to body text and big honkin' headings and have them
look like they're supposed to?

2. When you change to hidden text, do you get spaces left from hidden
paragraphs? That occurs when you compile as WinHelp. It used to, anyway.

3. Could this method be flexible enough to handle six condition tags for
three products? For example: A-Only, B-Only, C-Only, Not-A, Not-B,


- Scott M

> The approach I've used with good success uses named character styles.
> You simply define as many character styles as you need variant
> versions
> and apply each of those styles to text that should only appear in one
> specific version of the document. To help you keep track of everything
> while you're editing, you can define the different conditional
> character
> styles to display in different colors. Then, when you're ready to
> produce
> output, you define all the non-relevant character styles to be Hidden,
> and
> the one relevant character style to be black (rather than the color
> you've
> been using during editing). This trick is not as flexible as true
> conditional
> text controlled by Boolean variables, but in many cases it will get
> the
> job
> done...

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