Re: Why is help disappearing?

Subject: Re: Why is help disappearing?
From: Hope Cascio <hcascio -at- GTE -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 20:45:38 -0400

I'm not sure what the problem is. A few workarounds, though, for what I think
the problem is (you're trying to look at the Help topic and the dialog box at
the same time, right?):

Set the Help as Always on Top. Do this by going to a Help topic, selecting
Options, then Keep Help on Top, then On Top. This way it'll hover in the
foreground, even when you click the program.

You say the Help button doesn't work. Make sure it's calling the correct
string. If it's totally wrong (like, wrong API call, wrong Help file, wrong
planet) make the programmer fix it so you can test it! If it's just the
string, fix it yourself and recompile.

I hope I've been helpful. If I'm way off base, feel free to contact me off
list to explain the situation.

Hope Cascio

Thomason, Sharon wrote:

> Hey guys,
> It's me again. Ok, I'm trying to compare the screen shots in the help file
> with the actual dialog boxes. But some of the dialog boxes originate from
> look-up fields, and the help button on them doesn't work, so I can't access
> help from them. If I bring up help first, and then try to pull up the
> dialog box, help disappears. Any suggestions?
> Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
> Sharon Thomason
> Dealer Solutions
> Technical Writer
> 713-361-8489

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