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Subject: Re: Q: Word template
From: Dave Neufeld <Dave_Neufeld -at- SPECTRUMSIGNAL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 11:52:00 -0700

Hiding the template file was my latest tactic, but it still has some
caveats. It appears as though Word will look to NORMAL.DOT if it can't find
the document's template. And even the most streamlined NORMAL.DOT still
insists on having styles for the built-in heading and normal styles which
will clobber the ones in the document.

I've even created an AutoOpen macro in NORMAL.DOT which disables
"Automatically Update Document Styles". All to no avail. It seems MSWord
updates the styles even before it runs the AutoOpen macro.

I'm beginning to wonder if there even are any document styles stored
in the document when this cursed feature is enabled.

> >Does anyone know how to prevent ..."Automatically Update Document
> Styles...
> >from doing this... I should have never enabled this "helpful" little
> feature
> >in the first place...
> Just a hunch, I've never had to actually try this, but it's worth a shot.
> Temporarily, either move or rename the stylesheet, then open the doc and
> clear the checkbox. In theory, if Word can't find the style sheet it can't
> update the styles and will use what's present in the doc.
> Good luck! HTH!
> -Sue Gallagher

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