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Subject: Re: Intranet software
From: Susan Vineyard <vineyard -at- CHEROKEE -dot- NSUOK -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 15:09:29 -0500


I am currently using Dreaweaver, and have several problems with it.

For one thing, I'd like to have some kind of graphical overview of my
site or
someway of finding a file or defining a structure. I'm not sure exactly
what I
need here, but I do need something to keep track of all those files.

I can't define text as a specific font size, but have to use the HTML
numbering system. I can see how that's practical "out" on the Web, but
in our
organization, everyone has the Corel 8 Office system, so we're safe
using the
fonts installed with those programs, and have more control of the look
of our
documents that way. When I've brought in a file "published" in
WordPerfect or
Word, the font naming and sizing conventions change, and I think I'd
have to
manually change them back.

I need non relational links to files and graphics, and I don't want to
have to
type them all in. I'm hoping some product out there offers that
option. (I
thought I knew all about creating links until I started working on a

I also would like to see graphics as I pull them in. I have a large
graphics file and sometimes, I really need to see what I'm getting (and
need to link to them non-relationally also--when I create a
non-relational link to my graphics file, it works fine in NetsScape, but
shows a broken link in Dreamweaver!)

Dreamweaver doesn't have the text editing capabilities I'd like to
have. For
instance, If I have an ordered list, and insert a graphic that I don't
numbered ( a common occurrence in illustrated instructions), I can't
find any way
to continue the numbering where it left off except to do it in code. Do
you know
of a way?

I need a product that will help me with these problems. Any ideas?

Thanks--Susan Vineyard

Bill Bledsoe wrote:

> Susan,
> I suggest Macromedia Dreamweaver. The only thing it lacks from your
list is a
> link checker... but you can find a free-ware one at that
will do
> the trick for you.
> I'm assuming you're running win95/nt or 98 on your machine...
Dreamweaver is
> also available in Mac as well.
> cheers,
> -bb
> Susan Vineyard wrote:
> > Help! I need a good all-round tool to manage/create an
> > intranet!
> >
> > I am now in charge of a department-wide, and eventually an
> > organization-wide, intranet, and I need a good, all-round tool to
use to
> > get control of a chaotic pre-existing site that currently has a
> > organization and probably over a thousand documents, many not linked

> > in. This thing is supposed to grow, so I need a tool that will
> > my time and allow effective maintenance.
> >
> > Shopping list of features:
> >
> > Word processing/text and formatting control of Word (I want to use
> > and sizes, not font groups)
> >
> > Some kind of visual site management tool (When someone wants to know

> > where something is, I'd better be able to tell them.)
> >
> > HTML editor
> >
> > Compatibility with doucments published to html in WordPerfect (our
> > company standard--programmers, etc. will publish to their areas in
> > format.)
> >
> > Compatibility with non-Microsoft network (which, I understands,
> > eliminates Front Page)
> >
> > Some kind of link-checking device (do any have this?)
> >
> > Please help. I need to get this thing under control fast. Thanks
> > any advice.
> >
> > --Susan Vineyard
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