Re: Word: a professional tool? (was: Installing Winword 7 and 8)

Subject: Re: Word: a professional tool? (was: Installing Winword 7 and 8)
From: Karen Byers <karen -at- ACUSON -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 10:36:36 -0700

Well said and I totally agree,

Karen Byers
Mt. View, CA

Wing, Michael J wrote:

> I don't think she did confuse the two. This subject has been debated to
> death. However, we still have people who are forced to use a word processor
> that is not of their choice. They seem to like to vent their frustrations
> in this group with broad statements like, "Word is not a real word
> processor". These comments are ignorant at best and meant to incite at
> worst.
> I view the products (Word and Frame as well as FrontPage) as separate tools.
> I use Word to do on-line help, proposals, white papers, and so forth. I've
> not done one of those back-breaking, tree killing, paper documents in more
> than four years. When I did, I used Frame. I no longer produce written
> documents, therefore, I have no use for Frame. In fact, because I'm doing
> mostly ASP and DHTML, I use NotePad more than any of the other packages.
> Why must we pledge allegiance to one and only one text/word/desktop
> publishing tool? We really are allowed to be competent in more than one
> package. Trust me, I speak the truth. This is not a Nike vs. Adidas war
> where we receive endorsement contarcts subject to legal action if we are
> caught using the other package.
> When I was an Electronic technician, I used an oscilliscope to measure AC
> signals and a spectrum analyzer to view frequency response in the circuitry.
> I did not abandon the oscilliscope and proclaim anyone "non-professional"
> who did because I also used a spectrum analyzer.
> Mike
> > Elna Tymes wrote:
> >
> > "Word is still by far the most popular word processor out
> > there."
> >
> > Don't confuse "popular" with best. Look at today's most popular singers
> > then, go figure!
> >
> > Jon Beckton
> >
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> > Tel +27 11 374 6596
> >
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