Re: Converting Graphics from Frame to HTML with WWP

Subject: Re: Converting Graphics from Frame to HTML with WWP
From: Craig Sanders <csanders -at- BEST -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:39:43 -0700

Hi, Richard!

Perhaps an easier way . . .

First, you have to determine what the best resolution for browser display is
going to be. This is basically trial and error and depends on image detail, the
amount of screen real estate you're willing to give away, and your own design

Second, (you seem to have already done this), determine the best resolution for
print media.

Now, import a given graphic (by reference or embedded) using the print
resolution. Assign a conditional text tag to the anchored frame containing the
graphic. Name the tag "print" or something similar.

Now, create a second anchored frame and import the same graphic again, this
time using the HTML resolution. Assign this graphic a different conditional
text tag, named "HTML" or something similar.

At conversion time, set up Publisher to "see" only the HTML conditional text
tag. The print tagged graphics are not "seen" and not converted.

I do this regularly and it seems to work well.

Hope this helps,
Craig Sanders

Richard Mateosian wrote:

> >Is there a method for getting optimum resolution out of converted
> >graphics?
> Here's an idea. It's similar to something I did in 1992 -- before
> there was a web -- but it ought to work. I haven't tried it.
> Make separate versions of each graphic -- with the same name and in
> parallel directories. Have Frame import graphics from one directory
> and WWP replace them from the other.
> If you can't make WWP do that (I just got version 4 and haven't
> studied the manuals), rename the graphics directories manually,
> *before* the conversion. If you rename them after the conversion,
> you may have to move other graphics manually, because WWP may place
> graphics from the document in the same place as graphics from the
> website template.
> You can extend this idea. You can have different sets of graphics
> for different viewing resolutions, and program your starting page to
> detect the user's viewing characteristics and supply graphics from
> the appropriate directory. ...RM
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