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Subject: Re: I got the bluuuuueeess
From: Bruce Ashley <bashley -at- CREATEPRINT -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 09:48:32 +1000

Interesting thread guys,

This is just something to keep in mind.

The majority of people work until retirement. When they retire, they use
their superannuation to pay off their homes, go on a pension and then die 7
years later (women last a few years longer). When they die, the funeral
takes a portion of the estate as does the government and the remainder is
split between beneficiaries of the will. This allows the beneficiaries to
buy into a house and when they retire, they use THEIR superannuation to pay
off the house etc etc etc ad nausium.

The cycle of life continues.

And in the mean time, 90% of other occupations are harder, dirtier, more
demoralis(z)ing, less rewarding, more boring and don't earn you as much.

If you have to work towards paying off your home when you retire so that
you can die 7 years later, this is a better way than most.

If you already own your home and your kids are off your hands, quit today,
buy an RV and enjoy life while you can :).

Regards from sunny Melbourne.

Bruce Ashley

PS Its Monday morning. What did you expect?

Also, the stats used are purely to justify my comments and may have no
bearing with reality (although I reckon they're close) :).


Ok, so I can't sing =)I have to insert my 2 cents about Matt and his brush
with depression.

Several posters have disagreed with Matt's feeling about peaking out. While
I completely agree that there is ALWAYS something new to learn, I
understand where Matt is coming from. My brain boggles at the amount of
information I have learned in the last 8 months but when I look at what the
majority of my writing is, I am depressed. At times its straight formula

"Steps to bore my reader
1. Turn your PC on.
2. Press <Start> to display the menu options.
3. Highlight the desired game
4. Enter your name in the Name field of the New Game dialog."

ARRGGGHHH! Half of the manuals we produce have very straightforward steps
with field descriptions. Even my verbs are boring,


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