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Subject: Re: Finding first job
From: Deb Hardy Dore <ddore -at- AVENTAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 12:07:26 -0700

Roy Aney wrote: <I've been lurking about the list for a while and though I
see a lot of posts concerning employment I've not seen anything that would
pass as advice or guidance to the aspiring tw seeking work for the first.
How do I overcome the "Only those with experience need apply" mentality and
find that rarest of commodities - a first job/assignment?>

Deb Hardy Dore' replies: Here's how I got my first TW job. I was coming out
of a Tech. Writer's Certification program, with 3 years of experience as a
non-technical editor, and I sent out about 100 resumes, in hopes of getting
someone to at least talk to me and give me some advice on how to get a good
job. I got a call from a small start-up software company, and they called
me in for an interview. It turns out that they wanted to offer me an
internship, rather than a job. I liked the people who interviewed me, and
it looked like this company could really take off, so when they offered me
the internship position, I took it. Turns out it was the best move I could
have made. It was a bit strange to be a 32-year-old intern, but I tried not
to think of it that way. By the time the three-month internship was
finished, I knew that I wanted to stay with this company. And, as luck
would have it, they offered me a sweet job! So, here I am, still working
for the same company, and doing well. And I absolutely love my job and the
company I work for.

So, for me, accepting an internship rather than holding out for the big
bucks paid off in the end. I didn't think it was beneath me to accept an
internship. Rather, I was grateful that this company took a chance on an
older career-changer, and that they were willing to teach me so many skills
during those three months. And it was a great way to check out the company
before I made that big commitment. By the time they offered me the
permanent job, I knew with no hesitation that I wanted to work here.

That approach might not work for everyone, but I think sometimes it pays to
be humble and take the "tortoise" route.

Deb Hardy Dore'

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