Re: Detecting lies in the interview.

Subject: Re: Detecting lies in the interview.
From: Cam Whetstone <camw -at- HOME -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 08:42:26 -0400

I have been reading the thread about detecting lies in interviews and
want to relate something that happened to me a long time ago. I was
working in a terrible environment and had finished one year with the
company and started looking for a job. I had a few interviews and a
friend I knew via Ham Radio sugfgested I check out his company. I did
and the interview went very well. At the end of the interview I was
pressured as to when I could report. I teld them that I needed two
weeks from a suitable offer, but could ask if the company would release
me sooner. I left with the assurance of the HR person that I would have
an offer letter by 'the end of the week.'

By the end of the second week, I wondered what happened and called the
HR representative, who proceeded to tell me that if they wantred to talk
to me they wqould call me and hung up on me.

I was totally at sea. I had no idea what had brought on such action.

I called one of the places I had interviewed and mentioned that
something strange was going on, that I had not left anyone in bad
graces, but it seemed as though someone was giving me a bad reference.
The man said he was going to make an offer (which he later did), but
needed three reference confirmations, he mentioned he ahd two, which he
named, and was waiting for one from the west coast. Iasked about a
company I had recently worked for, and he told me that had no record of
my working for them.

I was furious. I Called the company and asked for employee records.
When a young lady answered I told her I was checking on the employment
history of Cameron Whetstone. She replied that she had no record of his
employment. I blew up. I told her that not only had I worked for them
overseas, but I had letters of commendation, and was standing next to my
previous Boss when he told Personnel that I wazs a very valuable
employee and theat they should locate another position for me. She
replied that 'Oh, I didn't check our overseas records. Tell the people
to call me back.'

Why this personnel type who hung up on me didn 't simply ask why I had
CSC on my resume when they had no record would have led to an
explanation. Both of the other companies made me job offers, and I
ended up working for Westinghouse for over 15 years.

So just be careful about determining that someone is lying--check it out
and discuss it with the person. There may be a simple explanation.


Cam Whetstone
cam -at- camw -dot- com
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Telephone: 410 484-4784
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