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Subject: Re: Repeating instructions
From: "Smith, Don" <dasmith -at- HAYES -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 07:52:41 -0400

Philip -

This comes up quite often here. I have found that for me, I am most
comfortable with your #4. I write to the most *common* of the pieces of
equipment (or software) and when there is a difference say, "If you are
using XXXX, use paragraph B of this step instead", or something similar.




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> Subject: Repeating instructions
> I'm writing a set of procedures to tell an installer how to set up some
> equipment, which consists of two systems. 95% of the steps for the two
> systems are identical, but there are some differences.
> Should I...
> 1) Give both sets of procedures in full.
> 2) Give the first set of procedures in full. Then say, "Do the second
> setup like the first with these changes ..."
> 3) Give both sets of procedures in full, but flag somehow the items that
> differ.
> 4) Combine them both into one set of procedures and every so often say,
> "For System A, do this. For System B, do that."
> (The installer will be setting up one system right after another. The
> procedures for one system takes up about a page and a half.)
> I've found, when I've been following instructions in situations like this,
> that solution #1 irks me because it makes me wonder what's different and
> what's the same. I end up reading carefully things I already know how to
> do. But another writer thinks it is clearer to repeat it all.
> Any opinions?
> Regards,
> Philip Sharman
> <sharman -at- wowmedia -dot- com>
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