Not even Newbe, Wantabe

Subject: Not even Newbe, Wantabe
From: Wayne White <jewe -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 08:55:21 -0000

Hello friends,
At the risk of being forever ostracized from this great group of Professionals for my lack of education in the last 23 years, I have compiled a list of abbreviations and names in the posts of the last two days which are unfamiliar to me. As part of a course on becoming a technical writer, my first assignment was to read all the posts to learn about TWs. I was graduated with a degree in journalism in 1975 and have been completely out of the field until now. I am offering this list for your amusement and to confirm to you that you know a language probably alien to the layman. A few I figured out, most I didn't. Enjoy:
    alinks, API, BTW, C, C++, CBT, :D, Delphi, DICE, Distiller, DOS3, DTP, embed, EU, FAQ, FTP, FWIW, gbc, GIF, gifs, GUIs, H1-B, HCI, HTML, HVAC, hypertext, IMHO, IMO, IP, IRQ, IT, jpegs, klinks, Linux, MA, (M/F/V/D), MIME, MKS, MP/M, NT, OLE2View, OmniMark, Packet, pdf, PDF, Perl, PhAB, Postscript, PowerBuilder, Preflighting, Python, QNX, </RANT>, RoboHelp, rtf, SGML, SME, </SNIP>, SOPs, SQA, SR-2, STC, TCP/IP, TIA, TOC, *TW*, UI, UNIX.FB, URL, VB, XML, and finally *Y2K*.
Wayne White,
Woodstock, GA.,

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