Re: Not even Newbe, Wantabe (long response-Installment 1)

Subject: Re: Not even Newbe, Wantabe (long response-Installment 1)
From: John Gilger <JohnG -at- MIKOHN -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 07:55:55 -0700

Good Morning,

An IRQ is an Interrupt ReQuest. This is a hardware/bios issue relating to
how information is passed to and from various components of your computer.


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Subject: Re: Not even Newbe, Wantabe (long response-Instalment 1)

In our previous episode, D. Margulis said:
> A way of doing something or other on the Internet. I haven't used it and
> don't know exactly what it is. Anyone?

I suspect you're thinking of IRC, which is Internet Relay Chat, a way
to have multiple-person live text-based chat sessions.

I don't know what IRQ expands to, but I think the I part is Interrupt.
In any case, it has to do with computer interrupts, which have to do
with certain kinds of external devices, like modems and mice. IRQ
settings used to be much more arcane than they currently are; it's one
thing that Windows did simplify.

> klinks
> Glitch or bug, perhaps? What was the context. I don't recognize it as an
> HTML word (such as alink or vlink).

It's a kind of link you can set up in RoboHelp (and thus presumably
WinHelp in general).

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