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Subject: Re: kHz or KHz
From: Max Wyss <prodok -at- PRODOK -dot- CH>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:29:18 +0200


As it has been said, there is no preference or discussion. It is either
correct or not.

When it has to do with frequencies, the magnitudes go with the decimal
system. So, you will count in Hz (Hertz), or in thousand Hz, in million Hz
or in billion Hz. The abbreviation for thousand is "k"ilo. The abbreviation
for million is "M"ega. The abbreviation for Billion is "G"iga. So, you
would have kHz, MHz or GHz. All other ways are simply not correct.

The "K" for 1024 is as far as I know NOT a valid SI prefix. However, it can
be used in certain environments, such as computers.

The "M" vs "m" is also very clear. In addition to the magnitudes mentioned
above, there is the Thousandth, and this is abbreviated "m"illi. Therefore,
you are not wrong with when you use mHz. This is correct. BUT, you would
have to adjust the number accordingly. So, your favourite radio station
would be either at 102.2 MHz or at 102300000000 mHz.

When the "m" is used with hard disk capacity, it is always a reason to a
quick grin for me. It is the proof that someone in the chain had absolutely
no idea of what he is talking.

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Bridging the Knowledge Gap


>Dave Neufeld wrote:
>"Which is "more" correct: kHz or KHz? My preference is kHz. The MS Style
>Guide (copyright 1995, not the latest 3rd edition) contradicts itself."
>Dave, the company that I work for just called me down because I had
>submitted a manual for release that had a number of "kHz"s in it. I think
>they should be that way. k only signifies 1000, while H is for Mr. Hertz and
>of course the z is just for the lower case last letter of his name. I know
>kHz is right, but "they" say KHz. Oh well.
>How about MHz? I think it also should be mHz, but I am overruled on this one
>by just about the whole world.
>Donald A. Smith

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