Re: kHz or KHz?

Subject: Re: kHz or KHz?
From: Dr Rita Puzmanova <rita -at- EXT -dot- EPE -dot- CZ>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:12:31 +0100

Reacting to digest (therefore intervening a bit late):

Re: Yes, kHz is correct.

However, although besides "k" as prefix for 1000x you may (rightly) see
"K" as prefix for 1024x, used exclusively in binary systems (2 to power
of 10). Hence we typically see KB (for kilo-bytes), never kB (which
would be simply wrong meaning something not particularly useful), for
measuring the data volume or memory medium capacity.

And reacting to some of reactions I would add the following:

Quote: "How about MHz? I think it also should be mHz, but I
am overruled on this one
by just about the whole world."

Re: Prefix "m" stands always for "milli"=0.001x (hence ms, mm etc) and
prexif "M" for "Mega"=1.000.000x (MHz, MW etc.).

But, especially here, beware: MB means (2 to power of 20)times byte
(roughly true Mega, unfortunately not quite).

Additional note on capitalized abbreviations of measurement units: all
units' abbreviations which got their "full" names after the
inventors/scientists in the particular branch should be, by default,
capitalized (how else, but you all guessed that...unless you can find
some exception ???).
Eg. W,V,K,C,A,Hz,and many others (not B, the rule works only one way, if
B is at all fully approved and not just generally misused as short-hand
for byte, that's something I am not sure about).


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