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Subject: Re: Hogs
From: Hayward Johnson <ndx -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 14:17:41 -0800

*Sigh* Will we never learn?

>Robert Maxey wrote:
>> >>Forget it! I recently tried to use word to put together a catalog and
>> >>kept crashing. With the version I was using, Word 97, I found I could
>> >>put in around 3 large photos before it started acting up.

The major problem with Word is that it doesn't know if it's a word processor
or an operating system. (A typically Microbloat software characteristic.)
The problem with us tech writers is that we keep confusing Word with desktop
publishing tools.

Word is not a DTP tool. If you need to accomplish moderate to complex layout
and design in a publication, you should use a DTP tool (Quark, Frame,
PageMaker, et cetera). If you need to write a novel, where layout complexity
is minimal, use Word.

>> How much memory do you have? Word, as well as Windows 95/NT are hogs.
>> RM
>RAM is so cheap today that there's simply no reason for anyone to
>continue suffering memory problems. Add more inexpensive RAM and
>move on. If your company won't pay for the RAM upgrade, buy it
>yourself if doing so will save headaches. Doing so would constitute
>a small investment in safeguarding one's sanity.

For the reasons mentioned, memory is hardly an issue.

>Insofar as the photographs are concerned, try saving them as JPEG with
>a competent photo tool and reducing their quality to a lower but fully
>acceptable level. You can save much RAM doing this.

Actually, GIFs are more efficient, size-wise, and more compliant web-wise.
And: PaintShop Pro (way less pricey than a photo tool) handles photos pretty
darn well.

BTW: Anyone out there proficient in Word (Basic) macros and/or VBA? I need
some help making Word 6 for Mac and PC automatically format UNIX text files.
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