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Subject: Re: Preserve/Conserve
From: Elisabeth Zakes <ezakes -at- PLANVIEW -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:09:29 -0600

> > Which one of these is correct and what is the difference in meaning:
> >
> > The original configuration is preserved.
> > The original configuration is conserved.
> >
From Webster:
Preserve: 1: to keep safe from injury, harm, or
destruction : Protect
2 a : to keep alive, intact, or free from decay
b : Maintain
3 a : to keep or save from decomposition b : to
can, pickle, or similarly prepare for future use
4 : to keep up and reserve for personal or
special use
Conserve: 1 : to keep in a safe or sound state <he
conserved his inheritance>;
especially : to avoid wasteful or
destructive use of <conserve natural resources>

Since I don't think a configuration would be used wastefully or
destructively, one would preserve it, to keep it safe from destruction
(e.g., deletion).

Elisabeth B. Zakes
PlanView, Inc., Austin, TX
ezakes -at- planview -dot- com

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