Re: Hogs = Long docs in MS Word

Subject: Re: Hogs = Long docs in MS Word
From: Margaret Becker <marg -at- MCNEEL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 10:53:29 -0600

>Save your screenshots e.g. as compressed TIF's, that reduces their
>size significantly, and MS Word can use them directly. but you might
>need to experiment with the selection of the compression scheme to
>make it work.

Boy, I'd be careful about recommending TIF files. I have found that if you
have TIFs linked, and you want to work on the document on another computer,
the "original size" of the TIF changes. Therefore, if you update the link
(in SR1) or even if you don't (SR2), the size of the graphic will change.

For example: on one computer the graphic size says it's 2" by 3". The
"Original Size" is, say 2" by 3". But if I work on the file on another
computer, the "Original Size" may change to say 1.5" by 2". This seems to
be related to the size of the monitor and screen resolution. If you update
the link, the graphic will actually change it's size to shrink or grow to
match the "Original size" shown in the Format Picture dialog on the Size
tab. I have done a bunch of experiments with this and have not found a good

Our printing company wanted us to use TIFs but I won't be using them any
more because of the tremendous difficulty of the graphic sizes jumping
around. If you have a solution for this, I'd like to hear it.

Margaret Becker
Rhino Development Team
Robert McNeel & Associates

marg -at- mcneel -dot- com
(206) 545-9261

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