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Subject: Re: How times have changed?
From: Claudine M Jalajas <CMJalajas -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 10:26:34 EST

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> Worse, we overlook the fact that the public at large believes that we've all
> been lobotomized before we're given a keyboard. Columnist Dave Berry

You think so? Hmmm

> advanced that a recent study revealed that fully 14% of Americans do not
> have English as a first language, and the majority of those write computer
> manuals.

I must confess. My first language is French and I write computer manuals. I
will pack up my things and leave quietly now. :)

> Our profession is possessed of research results and tools undreamt of just
> few years ago. We now have what we need to provide even newbies with enough
> professionalism to awe the rest of the technology community. Yet we don't.
> have to think that the ultimate source of all those low opinions of us
> aren't the fault of others, but of ourselves.

Well, as my dear Mother always says, "who cares what other people think?!"
She also says that if you don't take yourself seriously; no-one else will
either. In my *work* life I've decided that there will be people that think
I'm a shmuck, and there will be people that think I know everything.
Hopefully I'll run into the later more often :). Bottom line: I like what I
do, I'm good at it, and it pays the bills. At home, my son thinks I'm the
smartest thing going... (he's only 8 mos old and is amazed that I always know
when he's hungry, tired, about to pull something large down on top of his
head, or ready to fall off of a piece of furniture!)


Claudine M. Jalajas
<A HREF="";>Jalajas Computing, Inc.</A>

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