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Subject: Re: Beginning a job search
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 07:53:06 -0500

Lynna Peneguy writ:
>Academic jobs are usually posted six months to a year in advance, thus
>can apply for academic jobs now, even though I won't finish my degree
>until May. But I'm a little fuzzy on when (as a rule) to start
>for non-academic technical writing jobs. Is six months in advance
>out of the question? Would two to three months in advance make more

I can't vouch for how the whole world works, but I know how hiring plans
have worked at companies in which I've been employed. Generally, the
company's hiring plan is set at the first of the fiscal year. The hires
are slotted at particular times through the year. For example, a hiring
plan could be: one writer in February, one writer in April, one writer
in June.

Unfortunately for you, most of these hires aren't posted until six to
eight weeks in advance.

One thing you might try is to determine what kinds of companies you want
to work for and contact the people who would hire someone like you. You
could simply explain your situation and ask what kinds of positions they
anticipate coming open in the next X months so you can appropriately
prepare your credentials. If someone called me and asked that kind of
question, I'd be open to generally discussing my hiring plans and the
natures of the jobs I have coming open. I'd also be pleased that a
potential applicant took the interest. I'd look forward to receiving
the resume.

Good luck!


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