Re: Desparate Need of HELP-DEADLINE

Subject: Re: Desparate Need of HELP-DEADLINE
From: "Gemmell,Dal" <Dal_Gemmell -at- EMAIL -dot- SYSCOM -dot- COM -dot- TW>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 11:24:36 +0800


I have encountered this problem before. Solution:

1. Click Start -> Settings -> Printers

2. Right-click your default printer, choose properties

3. Click the Postscript tab

4. In the Postscript output format list box, select Postscript (optimize for

5. Click OK.

6. Try again and hope for the best.

This should solve your "%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: FmPA ]%%"
problem. If you encounter other Adobe product problems this website
sometimes comes in handy

Your other problems, well...

You wrote: I hope this is enough information. Distiller job settings are at

I recommend you change your Distiller settings.

1. Click Start -> Programs -> Adobe Acrobat -> Acrobat Distiller

2. Choose Distiller -> Job Options

3. Click the Compression tab.

4. Clear all Downsampling check boxes (very important)

5. Click OK.

Good luck on meeting your DEADLINE.



Joyce wrote:

Hi Framers and Writers,

I'm cross posting this since I have an urgent need to figure out this
problem. I am running FM 5.5.6 on Win98 with 128MB RAM and plenty of hard
drive space. I tried something over the weekend, it worked then but now it's
not working at all, here's what I'm doing.

In FM: Printer Setup - selected Adobe PDFWriter as the printer.
Save as... - selected PDF extension, assigned a name,
sched113098 (not 8.3?)
dialog box is displayed, stating that files being saved in
PDF must have a
PDF extension, ok to save as xxxxx.pdf?
I click on OK.
Adobe Acrobat setup window opens.
I selected my tags to include: ChapterTitle, Heading1,
Heading2, Heading3
Removed the check mark from "Include para tags in
Bookmark text"
Made sure that check mark was in "Thread by Text Frame"
Clicked on set.
Let the system run... now here's where I'm getting from

%%[ Page: 1 ]%%
%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: FmPA ]%%


%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be
ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

The other irritating thing is that my headings are no longer showing in the
bookmarks and page view in reader (I'm actually running Adobe Exchange on my
laptop). This is true for two of the files I've been working with today.

Now do I need to select a different postscript printer - any recommendations
as to which of the many that come with the OS is the best to use? I tried
using the ps drivers for my HPLJ4000 but the graphics are fuzzy with this
printer when creating the PDF files, it prints just fine. Go figure.

I hope this is enough information. Distiller job settings are at the

Of course, my urgency is due to deadlines and I wanted to show my customer
that having the bookmark and page view will temporarily fill in while we
develop the online help files. That was my hope and I was so excited on
Friday when it worked, but now it's broken and I haven't changed anything
(that I know of, but I am prone to brain farts, so I could have done
something really stupid).

ANY help you can offer is greatly appreciated. TIA

Desperately Seeking Answers
j_uyeno -at- geocities -dot- com and joyceu43 -at- hotmail -dot- com

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