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Subject: Re: ANON: job dissatisfaction
From: Chuck Vroman <ChuckV -at- APPTECHSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 14:50:52 -0800

You should probably quit this job if you are not satisfied with it. Be
aware that, contrary to numerous advertisements, there is a finite number of
jobs out there. The reputation you may be building of being an employee who
is never satisfied will come back to haunt you. It may even keep you from
getting that "dream job" you are looking for.

Take your job one day at a time. If they are asking you to violate your
principles or perform illegal operations, then seek employment elsewhere.
If they change things in the middle of the flow, welcome to the real world -
it happens everywhere. As long as your principles and the law are not being
violated, enjoy the fact that you are employed in the computer industry with
unlimited advancement potential. By the way, the only way to advance in a
company is to have longevity at the company.

Just some thoughts.

Chuck Vroman
Technical Writer/Systems Analyst
Applied Technical Systems, Inc.
Bremerton, WA

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> I've posted previously about job dissatisfaction in my current job and
> previous jobs. I'm getting really frustrated with myself and with the
> work
> world in general.
> After graduating from college I had one job for 4 months and left due to
> boredom. At that time I really didnt know what I wanted to do and just
> took a job to pay the bills. I took a temp job until I could find my
> ideal
> job.
> Six weeks later I had what I thought was my ideal job. I had discovered
> tech writing, entered a masters program and thought I had found a job that
> would give me experience. I did almost no technical writing there and
> left
> 9 months later for what, again, I thought was my dream job.
> At the next job I got some TW experience and a $5000 raise from my
> previous job. I left that job after I'd had it for 8 months because they
> gave me a promotion with lots more responsibility and no raise. Also
> because I had no official job duites for 6 months and management wasnt all
> that excited about putting any down on paper. I also left because a
> fortune 500 company offered me a job and a $15000 raise.
> Now I'm at the fortune 500 company and I hate my job. I'm doing lots of
> Web work (which is partly what I want to do), but no technical writing.
> Also the web work I am doing is not exactly the kind of web work I want to
> be doing. Most of all I hate the organization around here. I never know
> what I'm going to be doing when I get to work because they give me bits
> and
> pieces of work on a daily basis and NEVER give me the big picture.
> Because
> they don't give me the big picture I often end up redoing things...
> I've only been here since August and think I should give this job and this
> organization and myself more time before I call it quits, but I get more
> and more frustrated every single day. When I first got here they werent
> giving me any work at all and I complained to my manager and now I'm at
> least getting work...
> I need to hear other people's points of view here. The people closest to
> me think I will never be happy or satisfied with any job, but I dont think
> thats true. I also dont think its true that I always just end up in bad
> companies or bad departments. In other words, I'm willing to accept some
> of the responsibility here. However, every time I've left a job its been
> for what I thought would be a better job and I've always received
> significant pay raises in the deal...
> Help!!!
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