Re: Technical name for the #?

Subject: Re: Technical name for the #?
From: Eric Witty <ewitty -at- TSSC -dot- CO -dot- NZ>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 13:32:11 -0800

"Octothorpe" I think this is an incorrectly contrived name. I cannot find
any reference to it anywhere.

To use Latin "octopunctum" (punctum point) may be better. I still prefer hash.

Octo (8)
thorpe or thorp = Village, not points!


thorp n. (also thorpe) archaic a village or hamlet.
Now usually only in place-names.

OE thorp, throp, f. Gmc


Pronunciation: 'thorp
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, perhaps from Old Norse; akin to
Old High German dorf village, Latin trabs beam, roof
Date: before 12th century

Main Entry: Thorpe
Pronunciation: 'thorp
James Francis 1888-1953 Jim Thorpe American athlete; won decathlon and
pentathlon in 1912 Olympic Games; also played professional baseball and
football; one of the greatest all-around athletes in sports history

By the way the symbol for pound weight is lb



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