Re: ANON: job dissatisfaction

Subject: Re: ANON: job dissatisfaction
From: Bill Swallow/commsoft <wswallow -at- COMMSOFT -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 09:49:12 -0500

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we all have to wade through the muck to get
to where we want to be. I had many opportunities to say "this sucks, I'm
outta here" but I chose to stick with it and turn things around for myself.
Your frequent hopping from job to job will nip you in the ass if you're not

One thing I learned is that the perfect job ain't there unless you're
willing to dig for it. You have to mold it for yourself. Now I haven't been
out of school all that long, but I'd like to think that I've done pretty
well for myself so far. I graduated in the winter of 1995 and I've just
started my third 'professional' job. I started out as a typesetter for a
small but busy translation company for 11 months, then moved on to become a
Help author for about 2 years. Now I'm enjoying the tech writing gig. I've
always done the best job I could, and have left every job on very good

There were times when work was either too slow or too crazy. There were 14
hour days, 3+ hour round trip commutes (which I did every day as a Help
author), short notice road trips to client sites, 'need it yesterday'
demands, and 'that's not in your job description' blow offs. But you know,
I managed the long hours and travelling, and I didn't put up with the blow
offs or cave to every demand on my plate. You gotta take some initiative
and define what it is you want to do - in any job. If you just go with the
flow you're just floating closer and closer to the waterfall.

So take the reigns, make a name for yourself, be visible and do what it is
YOU think you should be doing with your job. Think like a manager and
convey your intent to your management in a language they will understand.
Productivity and cost ratio relationships always work for me.

Something to think about:
Define for yourself the "ideal job". Write it down in vivid detail. Now
write down the steps you will need to take to get there. That perfect job
won't be there waiting for you - you have to make the journey (long or
short) to find it. Next, see what steps (if not all) you can accomplish at
your present job in your present position. When you have done that, see if
you can stay with the same employer but in a different position to achieve
more goals. If not, continue to do your best while searching for a new job
that will help you check off more goals. Apply, rinse, repeat until you get
to where you want to be. Hell, it worked for me so far...

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