Re: Word to Frame conversion

Subject: Re: Word to Frame conversion
From: Katav <katav -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 05:44:34 -0800

In a Frame 5.5.6-Interleaf I7-Ventura V7 comparison I'm doing
currently, I imported
Word 97 > FrameMaker 5.5.6
RTF > FrameMaker 5.5.6 and Interleaf I7
Word 6/95 > Ventura V7
FM 5.5.6 MIF > I7
(I7 ASCII > FM 5.5.6 failed)

The Word/RTF files were compound documents (that is, they contained
both text and graphics). Tagging was 'simple' but HTML-like (since the
FM, Leaf, and VP files would be output as HTML).

Both FrameMaker and Interleaf correctly imported the text AND the
(screen capture->Word) graphic; Ventura imports EITHER text OR graphic
[then go back and pick up the missing part].

SINGLE FORMAT files import fine.

When I imported a Word/RTF file with a 2-column first page followed by
single-column pages, ALL page comp apps failed to apply the two-column

(Knowing that in advance means you can work around the problem in each
of the destination apps -- or split the source do into parts for
section-by-section import.)

Both FrameMaker and Interleaf picked up Word's style tags, so if there
was a page comp template with those styles available, attributes would
have been applied automatically. (I'll have to revisit Ventura to find
out why it failed ... it /should/ have read the tags. Probably a
/pilot error./)

I use all 3 apps and I'm REALLY impressed with the latest efforts from
Adobe and Interleaf. (I have not seen Corel's Ventura 8 - perhaps
because I point out shortcomings more than I rave about what ought to
be in the app anyway - some companies have no sense of humor :-] .)

ANYWAY, the key to importing Word into * is to have the destination
app template EXACTLY (caps sensitive) match the source template --
attributes can change, but the names MUST be the same. (Same applies
to any source application that uses styles - WordPerfect, Applixwords,
Ami Pro(?) ... although you may need to back off to RTF to import into
some destinations.

> Kathy Stanzler wrote:
> --------------snip
> Does anyone have information on how much time and effort it takes to
> a document set that is written in Word to Frame?
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