Yet another US$0.02 on job satisfaction

Subject: Yet another US$0.02 on job satisfaction
From: Matthew Stern <MAStern -at- PLATSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 08:41:01 -0800

Here is another factor to consider in regards to job satisfaction or
dissatisfaction: the people with whom we work.

At a previous employer, our technical publications department degenerated
into a divisively political enviornment. We had two cliques at war with each
other, and all of us were forced to take sides. Marketing and senior
management didn't understand or respect what we do, even after all our
efforts to educate them. I finally left because management broke up our
department by lines of business. I found myself reporting to a QA manager
who knew nothing about technical writing, and she wasn't even respected by
her own QA employees. I couldn't do my best work in that environment, so I
had no other choice that to leave.

At my current job, we have a supportive manager who respects us as
professionals. The other departments and senior management value the work
that we do and provide us with any support that we need. Technical
publications is treated as a key player in the development cycle, and we are
included in development and planning meetings. We are also often recognized
by management for our accomplishments.

I agree that a lot of job satisfaction comes from our attitude, from clearly
identifying our goals and working towards them, and from looking for
opportunities to expand our knowledge and abilities. It is also important
that we find a work environment that supports them. During my time at that
one dysfunctional employer, I've seen people's attitudes and motivations
sink. One person's sunk so low that he did not regained the motivation to do
well, and he continued to follow the same poor habits at his next employer.

So, if you do find yourself in a destructive work environment -- and you've
done everything you possibly could to make changes or make the situation
bearable for yourself -- perhaps the best thing to do is to look for another
opportunity elsewhere.

Matthew Stern
Sr. Technical Writer
Platinum Software Corporation

E-mail mailto:mastern -at- platsoft -dot- com

The opinions expressed here are solely my own (as if
anyone else would want them. :) )

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