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Subject: Re: why are we doing this
From: Rebecca Price <beccap -at- RUST -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 19:28:36 -0500

"Gutierrez, Diane" wrote:
> The recent discussion re. Anon's problem had me thinking. As a publishing
> student who fell into tech writing by default, I am curious. What led you
> people to do tech writing?

that's easy. I love writing. I'm good at structure and plotting,
but lousy at dialog and characterization. Hence, I'm a pretty good
tech writer.. at least I haven't had many problems finding work over
the last 25 years. and my clients/bosses have been pretty well
with the quality of my work.

What are the biggest satisfactions and
> motivators? Is the money really that good?

Well, as my husband says, I've worked for a living. work involves
physical muscles and not a lot of thought. Being a tech
writer is great fun, and it sure as anything beats working for
a living!

I think for me the greatest satisfaction comes in seeing a document
finished, bound, and complete. I can look at it and say "I did that.
This represents X ammount of thought, work (typing) and love. Neat!"

Even better are those rare times when I hear back from a user that
the document really made their job easier.

the paychecks aren't bad, either. I could probably make more if I'd
been a programmer for the same 25 years, but I can't think of a job
other than writing or possibly programming that would be as soul-
satisfying and still pay as well.

What did you have to learn
> (school, field, self training, on the job) that was most useful and
> important in your work? What do you see in the future for this field? What
> are the different categories of tech writing? Thanks.


Seriously, I love writing. Winhelp is more fun than peanuts, and HTML
even more fun yet. I don't use either at my current position, but
I have family duties that require me to have a vast amount of
and only work part time... and I don't think you can have that and a
on the cutting edge of technology too.

there will always be a need to communicate information clearly and
concisely. The medium in which that information is communicated will
change, sure as life. but then, the medium is almost irrelevent to
the issue of communication. What the medium is effects *how*
information is structured and presented, and therefore one needs to
understand that medium. But, that's simply another
parameter writers need to deal with.

and anyway, new technologies are fun.


the information

Becca Price
beccap -at- rust -dot- net

"Wisdom begins when you discover the difference between 'That doesn't
make sense' and "I don't understand.' "

Children of God, by Mary Doria Russell; pg 142-143

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