Re: mouse recomendation: How about a trackball?

Subject: Re: mouse recomendation: How about a trackball?
From: Pam Owen <Nighthawk1 -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 19:37:15 -0500

I, too, have a trackball (Logitech TrackMan Marble) and find I like in much
more than the traditional mouse. I got it because I have a problem with
severe shoulder pain resulting from years of working at a computer. A
salesman at The Healthy Back Store sugggested I get one, as it's generally
recommended for the problem I have. It does seem to help, and the way it's
made it also supports the entire hand well - reducing the likelihood of my
getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It did take a while to get used to doing
almost all my mouse work with my thumb, but it's second-nature to me now.

Pam Owen
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> Greetings!
> > I had a compaq mouse for about 2 years and it finally died. I bought
> > another one, thinking they were all pretty much the same, and
> > I've only had it a month and it's acting up. Any suggestions on a good
> > name brand for a mouse?
> Logitech seems to spawn good mice. The unfortunate thing about
> mice is that,
> because they roll around on a surface, they tend to pick up all sorts of
> dust, crumbs, and lint. This crap works it's way into the inner
> guts of the
> mouse and it starts misbehaving. Even if you perform surgery on the mouse
> and clean it's ball and rollers, it's never quite the same.
> Another thing I've noticed is that you can sometimes improve
> performance on
> a mouse if you switch it's ball with another mouse. A little
> skullduggery is
> required here, with you sneaking around to your co-worker's desk and
> serendipitously switching the mouse ball. I theorized that the
> mouse ball is
> actually smaller now after prolonged use (mouse errosion). It
> doesn't reach
> the rollers as well as it did in its younger days (now THERE'S a universal
> statement).
> So my solution was, instead of getting a traditional mouse, I got a
> trackball from Logitech. It takes some getting used to 'cause you're using
> your thumb to move the cursor. There are several advantages:
> * As long as your hands are clean, your ball won't pick up as much crap
> * You don't have to keep lifting the mouse when you run out of mouse pad
> * With some practice, I find it's more accurate
> * It has a longer life
> * It looks neato
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