Re: Screen capture (unique?)

Subject: Re: Screen capture (unique?)
From: Roger Mallett <roger -at- CSICAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 11:08:57 -0800

While I didn't weigh in on this topic earlier, it is now time. David's
answer entrigued me so I have reached for the digital camera and will
try it in a few minutes.

With respecto to Jeanie's original question, I would like to comment
that we have a similar situation. We had to create a custom solution.

We install an operating system (QNX based) and have the need to capture
the screens as the installation progresses. In our case, we control the
source to the installation, and have therefore inserted code into the
source that permits us to capture live interactive screen shots. More
specifically, we put the installation into a demo/simulation mode, that
permits all of the screens to display as thought they were live, thus
allowing us to capture them to the local drive, without overwriting the
data because the OS isn't actually installed, the installation is

The fact that we now longer have to manually create the screens shots
has been a real timesaver.

Jeanie, does your situation lend itself to such a potential solution?

>From: David Demyan[SMTP:dbdemyan -at- worldnet -dot- att -dot- net]
>Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 8:19 AM
>Subject: Re: Screen capture (unique?)
>Jeanie wrote about the need to capture the setup sequence from one
>computer to another, where it can be save for inclusion in a manual.
>Jeroen answered that SnagIt/32 includes dual monitor support under
>Windows 98, which is true, but is not useful in Jeanie's situation. The
>computer running setup needs to be the one controlling the monitor
>the screens are captured *from*, and that means SnagIt and Win98
>cannot be in control of it at the same time.
>This is indeed a unique situation. As Jeanie pointed out, the system
>and prompts being captured cannot also support the OS and screen
>cap programs installed beforehand. She wondered if a split cable
>between the two monitors would work. Without an EE degree, I
>cannot answer that question. I can tell you what I would do. I would
>forget the wiring that is not likely to work and use a good digital
>camera to capture pictures from the monitor as the sequence
>happens. Then I would download those pics to a computer with
>all of the tools needed to manipulate these images, including SnagIt
>which has an excellent catalog tool to manage the them.
>David B. Demyan
>PS: I am affiliated with TechSmith, the maker of SnagIt. I wrote the
>Help system.
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>David B. Demyan dbd -at- mendem -dot- com
>Mendem Concord, Inc.
>Warren, New Jersey 888-753-8500

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