Re: To aspiring Techncial Writers (a bit long)

Subject: Re: To aspiring Techncial Writers (a bit long)
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:04:44 -0500

Excellent points. I'm reading the post and at each one, thought, "yep...I
remember just yesterday when that was true."

> Stubborn: You're going to run into a few obstacles on the way to completing
> your project, so you've got to be persistent. Make sure you've got the right
> Wise: While you're defending your position and staving off the forces of
> evil around you, be sure to listen to what they're saying. Sure, maybe 75%
> Compromising: The result of Stubborn and Wise, you're going to have to give
> a little to get ahead. Stick to your guns on the important stuff, but learn
> So where does all this come from? I just got back from a review session
> with...

In my case, I'll tell you where it came from. Prior to tech writing, I was in
sales...not marcom, not writing ABOUT sales, but actually doing it...for 15
years! Straight commission, mostly Downtown NYC Financial District. Cold
calling, the whole bit. Through this experience, I learned a number of skills:
- Stubborn in that regardless, if I didn't make the sales, I didn't eat.
- Wise in that I needed to convey to my customers that the service I was selling
was more in their best interest than my competition's service was.
- Compromising in that I learned that sometimes I had to walk away from a sale
or customer when it wasn't in anyone's best interest to keep hitting my head
against the wall.

I learned way more at that profession that I use in this one (time management,
setting priorities, dealing with a WIDE range of types of people, writing with a
Feature/Benefit slant, writing clear, clean content, etc.) than I did in

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