Re: Breaking in (by inventing a product to document)

Subject: Re: Breaking in (by inventing a product to document)
From: Robert Heath <rddheath -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 10:49:39 +1100

John David Hickey wrote:

>How about creating your own ficticious product and >then writing the
>documentation for it?

I thought about doing something like that myself. Because my students
have difficulty pronouncing my first name (I'm in Korea, and students
pronounce my name "Robot-euh."), I thought I'd document a "RoboTeacher."

I had a great time planning the procedures and organizing them to make
menus. Then, it was time to craft the screen shots, and I set out
sketching them on graph paper. As I was doing so,a gnawing doubt grew
into the belief that knowledge of and ability to document real
products and technologies would be more important to an employer than
ability to document a fictitious one. My understanding of programming
and computer technologies at that point was quite slim, so I
abandonned the project and bought books on JavaScript and others on
related technologies.

Nowadays, I am busy writing memos and briefs to other teachers at my
school to introduce them to HTML, JavaScript and the rest because they
soon may have to know how to write web pages. ESL
(English-as-a-Second-Language) is turning more and more to interactive
teaching methods, and knowing about HTML would certainly look good on
their resumes.

While I do regret abandonning a project that had already soaked up
much time, I have found that the change of course has proven to be
more useful for the other teachers and for myself.

Robert Heath
rddheath -at- yahoo -dot- com

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