Re: Results of the degree survey(to date: 12/11/98)

Subject: Re: Results of the degree survey(to date: 12/11/98)
From: Damien Braniff <Damien_Braniff -at- PAC -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 14:17:28 +0000

Looking at the degrees it seems to indicate what is usually said about
degrees and jobs - unless they're specific to your job
(electronics-->electronics engineer etc) what they indicate is that the
bearer has shown that they can apply themselves to learning and can then
apply that learning (in exams). In the TW field a degree in English or
journalism may also be used as an indication of some ability in the
written word. However, what the degree indicates is that ability
(willingness? desire?) to learn. This is especially important when taking
on trainees - you want someone who can apply themselves to the job,
learning as they go from the work, mentors etc. When you get to the stage
of several years worth of experience then choices tend to be made based on
experience (unless there's some specific HR requirement for degree or
whatever) with the fact you have a degree being the icing on the cake and
perhaps tipping the balance between two candidates with similar experience
and skills. You also have to take into account interview technique - does
the face fit is an important, though often hidden, factor too.

As all the degrees were BAs and upwards I thought I'd add mine just 'cos
it's different - BSc Cybernetics Science!

Damien Braniff
Technical Author
PAC International

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