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Subject: Re: a or an (SQL)
From: Roy Jacobsen <rjacobse -at- GREATPLAINS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:52:32 -0600

I'm going to toss my vote in for "an SQL..." Since SQL is an initialism for
Structured Query Language, it should (IMO) be pronounced "ess-kew-ell,"
hence "an SQL..."

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From: Geoff Lane [mailto:geoff -at- GJCTECH -dot- FORCE9 -dot- NET]
Sent: Friday, 11 December, 1998 9:45 AM
Subject: a or an (SQL)

Hi gang,

I have a quandary -- in a statement such as, "You can extract this data with
a/an SQL statement.", should I use "a SQL" or "an SQL"? Of course, it
depends on how the reader pronounces "SQL". A quick straw poll at work
gives roughly a 50/50 split between "see-kwell" and "ess-kew-ell".

My university tutor once told me off for saying "see-kwell" (he insisted
that 'Sequel' is someone's trademark); therefore, I'm currently favouring
"an SQL". However, I'd appreciate list members' opinion.

Please respond off-list; I'll summarize for the list when I have sufficient


Geoff Lane
Cornwall, UK
geoff -at- gjctech -dot- force9 -dot- net

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