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Subject: Re: window-level help and window macro
From: David Knopf <david -at- KNOPF -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 14:14:07 -0800

Ginger Mooney asked:

| This question regards WinHelp:
| My help project has window-level help; when the user clicks the help
| button in the application, a help topic appears for that screen.
| Right now, the topics always pop up in the main window. How can I get
| them to pop up in a secondary window??

Actually, you can't; this is under the control of the programmer(s)
developing the application. When the user clicks the Help button, the
program most likely calls the WinHelp API to display the appropriate help
topic. In the call to the WinHelp API, the programmer specifies the name of
the Help file that contains your topic. To control which window is used to
display the topic, the programmer needs to modify the WinHelp API call by
appending to the Help file name a greater than sign and the name of the
window you've defined. For example, if your help file is ABC.HLP, and your
secondary window is PROC, the programmer would need to change




This is described in some detail in the HCW.HLP file (the help for Microsoft
Help Workshop). Look under WinHelp Reference:Help APIs:WinHelp.

I hope this helps.

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