Re: Inaccurate SMEs and Respect

Subject: Re: Inaccurate SMEs and Respect
From: Bill Swallow/commsoft <wswallow -at- COMMSOFT -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 13:47:58 -0500

The reason why people post "people problems" to this list
is because this list is a community. If you have a problem,
you turn to your community for support and advice.

Opinion #1:
I agree and disagree. Its good to rely on your community for support but
some posts are borderline rediculous - mainly the questions that could be
answered with a quick flip of the dictionary or a quick pop online to MS's

Opinion #2:
I agree that the old 'run to your manager' tactic is lame. If someone had a
conflict with something I did, consciously or not, I'd be pretty pissed off
if that person went to management first before confronting me. I'd lose all
respect for that person, and if I was in 5th grade again that person would
be branded a 'Mama's boy' for the remainder of the year. Kids are harsh
that way, and though I'd never do a thing like that now, the thought does
bring a smile to my face. I would hope that anyone calling or thinking of
themself as a professional would try to rectify the situation personally,
tactfully, before running to management. That's my approach. Someone posted
a "do unto others..." comment earlier and I agree, I wouldn't run to
management first and I would expect others to act in accordance.

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