Re: Frame + dissing the novice

Subject: Re: Frame + dissing the novice
From: Scott Havens <SHavens -at- ELCOTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 09:51:16 -0500

Linda Hughes wrote:

<...My apologies to the list for the "novice" question. I'm
assuming that
> Eric's message "Sorry State of the Art" was, at least in part,
> directed
> at me. Yup, I'm a newbie...>
I guess I'm also a newbie, at least to this list. (I've been a
tech writer for more than 20 years, so maybe I fit into the "curmudgeon"
category there.) I enjoy reading the postings, but it's really
beginning to feel pretty oppressive. Seems like every time I turn
around, I'm being told NOT to post one thing or another. I'm constantly
being informed that *this topic* or *that topic* will somehow insult the
intelligence or waste the time of "the 4000+ people who subscribe to
this list." As one of those 4000+, I wish everyone would lighten up a
bit. Not everyone is on the cutting edge of technology or technical
communication theory, so give us "simpletons" a break. If those who
read these postings can't differentiate between what they want to read
and what they don't (and use the DELETE button where appropriate), then
maybe we need to let some of them get insulted. Personally, I wouldn't
mind posting messages to "4000-" people who are laid back enough to
graciously deal with peripheral posts! Just MHO...

Merry Christmas to all.


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