Re: Whither book "Developing Windows Error Messages"

Subject: Re: Whither book "Developing Windows Error Messages"
From: "Eric L. Dunn" <edunn -at- TRANSPORT -dot- BOMBARDIER -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 09:06:54 -0500

In my understanding an error message is something along the lines of
"Program crashed. Stack Dump 123456". What most people seem to be referring
to would be what I would think of as messages or confirmation requests.
"Are you sure you want to detonate the bomb? Y/N".
When it comes to messages sent to the user, I would have to agree with the
point of view that everything a user does should be reversible However if
the programming effort/cost is too great I certainly want to be asked for
confirmation before doing anything irreversible. What is extremely annoying
is being asked to confirm something that is easily reversible (The default
in windows is to ask for confirmation before sending a file to the recycle
bin for gawds sake.)
The error messages that are inexcusable are those generated by incorrect
selections or entries by the user. These should not be possible and should
be programmed out.
As for legitimate error messages, those that are caused by a program or
system fault, it would be refreshing to receive some actual information.
Not some cryptic code that even the Help Desk doesn't even understand.

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