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Subject: Re: Microsoft & Tech Writers
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 14:13:25 -0500

Bruce...I'll address this in a way that shouldn't decompose into a hardware
holy war.

I think you are comparing apples and oranges (get it? huh? apples?) Anyway.
you cannot blame tech writers for creating different isntructions for different

Does the fact that a mfg powers a hard disk differently mean that because it's
written differently then the writer must be at fault?

We all know about the diferences in the interpretation of plug and play between
the two camps. I don't think it was fair to place the blame on the writer.
Would the Apple writers have written their same instructions if they were
writing about the PC?


Bruce Conway wrote:

> This might help some of those who were wondering why/how Microsoft
> needs/generates tech writers.
> Installing a Hard Drive on a Desktop Computer
> Mac
> 1. Turn off the Macintosh. =
> 2. Plug the hard disk into the SCSI port and into =
> a power source. =
> 3. Turn on the hard disk and the Macintosh.
> Win95
> 1. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the power cord.
> 2. Open the computer. Keep yourself grounded to avoid damaging
> a power source. components.
> 3. Set the new hard disk=92s jumpers to =93slave=94 setting. (Note: This
> set-ting
> will vary depending on the manufacturer of the disk.)
> 4. Locate an open IDE adapter port on the controller card or
> motherboard. If necessary, add a dual-headed IDE connector ribbon
> so that the original hard disk and the new hard disk can share the
> same port.
> 5. Plug the new hard disk into the IDE connector ribbon. (Make sure
> the red strip on the ribbon is closest to the power supply port on
> the hard disk.)
> 6. Locate an unused power connector. If necessary, buy a Y adapter for
> your computer=92s power connector.
> 7. Plug the power connector into the power supply port on the new
> hard disk.
> 8. Attach the faceplate, LED light, and, if necessary, mounting
> hardware, to the new hard disk. Then mount it in an open bay.
> 9. Replace the cover of the computer and plug in the power cord. Turn
> on the computer.
> 10. Before the =93Starting Windows 95=94 message appears, enter the
> System Setup screen.
> 11. Press tab until the IDE Hard Disk (slave) entry is highlighted.
> Configure the new hard disk as a slave. Enter the number of
> cylinders, heads, and sectors the new hard disk will require.
> (Note: The number of steps involved in this procedure will depend
> on your computer=92s BIOS chip.)
> 12. Exit System Setup.
> 13. Restart the computer.
> 14. Select MS-DOS from the Start Programs menu.
> 15. At the C: prompt, type =93FDISK=94 and press Enter.
> 16. Indicate the number of partitions you would like to create on the
> new hard disk. (Note: This procedure requires you to change the
> current fixed disk, to select the number of partitions for the new
> disk, and to select the size of each partition.)
> 17. Exit MS-DOS and restart Windows.
> 18. Select MS-DOS from the Start Programs menu.
> 19. At the C: prompt, execute the FORMAT command for all partitions
> you created.
> 20. When the hard disk has been formatted, exit MS-DOS.
> 21. Double-click =93My Computer.=94 An icon for your new hard disk should=
> appear in the window.
> -- =
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