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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 12:07:14 -0500

<unlurk :-) 2

Hi all ... first post from a tech-minded pr-guy...


> Leona L. Magee-Dupree wrote:
> > Which setence is correct?
> >
> > After you press the "Ok" button, page 2 displays.
> >
> > or
> >
> > After you press the "Ok" button, page two displays.

On "2" vs. "two" you should follow a consistent style (guide)
for your entire text, some guides (Associated Press, for
example) direct that the numbers 1-10 be spelled out; but I'd
go with "Page 2" and even have the text in a different font
from my body text to consistently indicate anything the
program does that is "feedback" to the user. I'm very much
on the road, or I'd dig out my APA styleguide to let you know
what it directed too...

Also, there's nothing wrong with, "When you select "OK," the
program will bring up (or "display") Page 2." This shows the
user "who" performs each action. They click x, program does
y... You can even go as deep as telling the reader that when
they select OK, the program saves and closes Page 1 <if
that's the case>; then it displays Page 2 for their
input/review/creation ... whatever.

I've also always enjoyed instructions that let me know
tidbits (perhaps out to the side) like, "The document history
menu will let you rapidly open Page 1 and 9 other recently
edited pages by pressing..."

Prob. MUCH more than you wanted ... it's all my opinion,
please feel free to return the unused portion for my
replacement <g>.


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